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A hot potato multiplayer game developed by Kickin' Rad Games

iOS - September 14th, 2017

Android - September 21st, 2017

Roles: Technical Sound Designer, Music Composer, Announcer Voice

Game developed in Unity. Sounds developed with Cockos Reaper. Sound implemented with FMOD. Game's development started in late 2015 with FMOD integrated in late 2017.

- Successfully integrated FMOD to work with the game. FMOD was integrated late in the game's development cycle, and all of the sound effects had to be redone to work with FMOD in less than a month and a half in time for the game's first MAGFest presentation.

- Collaborated with the programmer to create a script that allows FMOD events to follow the game's time, allowing the pitch and speed of the sound effect to be adjusted according to the game's speed, all while adding sound effects and playing them using only one line of code

- Wrote C# scripts to work with FMOD sounds

- Used FMOD's mixer window to oversee the final mix and master of all of the sounds and music in-game

- Collaborated with the team to ascertain how mechanics should work in the game, as well as how the sound effects should blend with the actions and ambiance.

- Created dynamic range options for use during convention/demo nights. These options allow for the sound output to be compressed so that the game has a constant volume in noisy environments.

Announcer Voice

- Voiced the announcer using a dynamic microphone placed aside from the mouth to reduce plosions, and successfully removed background noise through a combination of a noise gate, a compressor, and an EQ

- Created effects for the announcer using a combination of EQs, chorus filters, tube amplifier VSTs, and compressors

- Collaborated with the programmer to develop ways for the announcer to react to in-game actions.


- Composed, produced, and mastered loopable music through Reaper

- Cooperated with another music composer to normalize the volume of the music for gameplay purposes.

- Applied a system that allows the lights of a level to pulse with the beat of the music

Additional roles:

- Presented the game at PAX East 2017, MAGFest 2018/2019, and TooManyGames 2018/2019, among other local conventions and demo nights in NY/NJ

- Built booths for the game, the MAGFest booths were designed for 24/7 demonstration when left on overnight

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