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The frantic hot potato couch multiplayer game B.O.O.M. - You Win uses FMOD by Firelight Technologies. Videos demonstrating some examples of the game's sound design and implementation can be viewed below.

Download Public Demo

(windows pc only)

New Explosion

The original explosion's pitch dropped too quickly. This video goes into detail on how that problem was addressed using FMOD's parameter that is tied to a float in the game.

More videos coming soon!

Bomb Timer

The timer starts off loud but then fades into a quiet loop. At the start of the last five seconds of the bomb's fuse, the timer sound becomes faster and louder as it reaches its exploding point.

Bomb Explosion

Split into two events, the crack of the explosion is unaffected by the game's slowdown while the rest of the explosion is. The explosion also causes most sound effects and music to duck to emphasize the explosion's power.

Some characters have a passive that causes a bigger explosion, which adds an additional explosion event layered on top of the regular one.


The haunted house stage has a chandelier dangling in the center, and it will bounce around from the forces of the explosion. The parameter acts like a pendulum, with both positive and negative variables acting the same way. As the parameter nears the edge of its limit, the chain becomes louder, and a rusty sway sound is added.

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